Practical, extensible, and open-source actuarial modeling and analysis.

High-Performance Computing

Designed for speed and efficiency, enabling high-performance numerical computing, quantitative analysis, modeling, and simulation.

Domain-Specific Ecosystem

Extensive ecosystem of libraries and tools catering to technical computing, data science, machine learning, and domain-specific tasks in finance and actuarial science.

Productivity and Interoperability

Clean, readable syntax, comprehensive documentation, and seamless integration with existing languages and tools enhance productivity and accessibility for a wide range of users.

JuliaActuary is an ecosystem of packages that makes Julia the easiest language to get started for actuarial workflows.

Julia is an ideal language for Actuaries and other financial professionals.

It is free, open-source software and you can join the development on Github.

Code Examples


These packages are available for use in your project. See more on the Packages page.

MortalityTables.jl - Easily work with standard tables and parametric models with common survival calculations.

LifeContingencies.jl - Insurance, annuity, premium, and reserve maths.

ActuaryUtilities.jl - Robust and fast calculations for internal_rate_of_return, duration, convexity, present_value, breakeven, and more.

FinanceModels.jl - Composable contracts, models, and functions that allow for modeling of both simple and complex financial instruments.

ExperienceAnalysis.jl - Meeting your exposure calculation needs.

EconomicScenarioGenerators.jl - Easy-to-use scenario generation that’s FinanceModels.jl compatible.